A Personal Psalm

Please, Lord, hear me.
Hear me in my time of need.
Hide your face from me no longer.
Make yourself known.

My pain grows without limits.
It becomes unbearable to me.
My suffering is increased.
It weakens me and overwhelms me.

My failures follow me no matter where I turn.
Stalking me like an untiring predator.
My insecurities speak to me.
Lying to me, like a silver-tongued devil.

Like Peter you have given a thorn into my side.
I do not want it, yet it remains

Please, Lord, hear me.
Do not leave me alone in my time of need.
Please, Lord, see me.
Guide me away from my pain.

Do not let my fears overtake me.
Give me the strength to fight them.
My strength fails without you.
Stay by my side and be with me.

My actions have not merited your love.
I beg for your forgiveness.
My faith has waned.
I weep for your presence.

I wait for your coming rescue at a time unknown.
Unknowing, I will wait patiently.

I trust in you, oh Lord.
I rejoice in your mercy!
Hear me, oh Lord.
I praise your unending goodness!


Originally written 17 April 2020