Break Violence

You are the hate, we are our enemies
Enemies of the same face
I have the feelings, you have the greed
Enemies of both
Within a field of hate, we inspire each other
To despise

You must look in my face, my mind, my soul
All you’ll ever see is the hate inside
The world is flooded with hate and transgression
Violence fills the streets, the homes, the lives
Rid the world and clean the skies
Despise, Despise, Despise

My mind holds you up, only to slam you down
I laugh in your face, you’ll never make it my friend
You will be forced into the fire
Of the slander of the mind


Our Faces (faster)
Our Minds (cross-over)
Our Souls (fight eternally)
I am damned, you are damned
Maybe in some screwed up reality
We could be best of friends
But when conscienceness wakes us
We remain closest enemies

(Despise me, Despise you)
(For it is all we know)


You see me and I’m questioning
What are you?  Who are you?
Where are you going?  What will you do there?
You see me wondering; you ask a question
What do you think of me?
All you mean to me is
Despair, despair, despair (4x)

I want this to go
I need this to go
For every moment I slip further towards despair

(Further towards despair, despair, despair)

Originally written – 9 February 2001