Broken Healing

A lie was told and a promise broken
Trust destroyed with truth unspoken
No forgiveness from a broken soul
While from the heart, sorrow be shown
Malice and deceit, a contradiction to the goal

No pity is needed, for the wrath of perdition
Comes quickly forward to denounce an elucidation
Of the veracity which was previously spurious
By the loss of love, sure to be known
But kept by the soul of a heart be curious

A wish is made to keep intentions bright
After the full brunt of the pursuing fight
With hope in the soul of a chthonic heart
Trust will be restored by a silent prayer
Two souls will be rejoined, for they were apart

With time and compassion, new trust be built
All separations will dwindle, no remembrance of guilt
More love will be known, than when they began their stand
Only joy will be left in the hearts of this pair
After all wrongs are reconciled, they’ll walk hand in hand

Originally written 10 May 2001