I look right at you; but I see through you
You are here; yet you are so transparent
I look for pleasure, look for pain
I search for loss, I beg for gain
No matter which angle I see of you
You are always right
No emotions and no guilt
But somehow you let through the light
From trash and gritty sand you are built
I look for love, care, and feelings
All I find is floors, walls, and ceilings
Trapped are you in a cage of plaster
So easily you could escape
If only you had the strength
To think, I admired you once
Wished I could be just like you
But when I look past the outward glaze
And through the inner space
Double-Paned are you to me
No room to grow, no way to bend
You take abuse so calm, screams don’t phase you
But one move towards a find end
And you fail, you shatter

Originally written 27 July 2001