Far From Real

Searching, thoughts in my mind
Finding, death strikes so near
Wounded, falling down again
Dying, screaming voices fill my ears

Feeling, fleeing, falling, freezing
I’m dropping to my knees
Thinking of what should have been
But for false-truths of life
Empty sorrows clothe my skin

Fleeing, falling, freezing, feeling
Covered with blackness so thick
Can’t seem to find my exit again
Stuck here in this place
Always dying to live

Falling, freezing, feeling, fleeing
Struck down by lightning
So deadly and real
Can’t seem to breathe again
My conscience has been killed

Freezing, feeling, fleeing, falling
But with my lifeline so thin
I find myself losing it all
Holding tightly to my skin
So life’s tragedies stay hid

So with life running from me
I try but know I can’t be free
If you had not forsaken me
I wouldn’t need to forget you

Originally written – 12 December 2001