She is beautiful, so very beautiful
She is like the landscape of a calm winder day
As delicate as the petals of a daisy
As free as the eagle that soars against the blue

I have searched the world for a heart like this one
Searched the corners of the earth to find this gentle peace

I knew this was a special heart from the first moment
Knew this could be the one

The others; I hesitated, had to make sure they would not hurt me
Yet they did
I grew cautious, built walls to protect me from the pain
To guard my heart from being hurt again
But in doing so, I blocked out the True Love

Thoughts of her feel so warm inside
She has made me forget the pains of my past

There is none other like this one
None other has such a perfect heart
When I look at her, she reminds me of myself
We have so much in common; yet, something stands between us
It is me, my shyness; the thought of past pains
They cause me to be wary, too cautious

I know she will not hurt me, I can sense it
If I feel pain from this; it must be from me
Never her

I wish to be there for her
When she is down and lonely
Or when she just needs someone to hold her and to listen

I want her to know how I feel
I need her to know that I care

But this weariness holds me back
Keeps my heart from finding hope again

I feel that she knows my thoughts
Knows I want to reach out and hold her in my arms
Want to taste her sweet kiss upon my lips

From this moment, I drop my walls
I will surrender this caution, I have to take this chance
I need love in my heart again

Originally written – 27 October 2000