In a Single Thought

I have been lost in this smothering darkness for too long.  My life has been a place of sorrow and pain for as long as my feeble mind can go back.  Somewhere there must be a light.  I carry my torch unlit, searching for a fire to start the flame of life.  Around every corner I find wickedness and defeat.  But in the distance, a voice calls to me…

“The Flame is needed to light the Torch; the Beast is wary of the Flame.”

What does this mean?  The beast is wary of nothing.  It has been following me, stalking me since the beginning.  It is there waiting at every turn.  It seeks to destroy me.  I know this beast, it is The Evil One.

Eyes of darkness; breath of fiery brimstone.  A forked tongue concealed in an innocent mouth.  A chest of black fire and horns tipped with poison.  It was created from the essence of evil itself.

He speaks to me, tries to make me listen.  But I am reluctant.  He consumes my thoughts; tries to control my mind.  It is unclean; a filthy beast of arrogance and lies.  I am slowly learning to fend it off though.  Through the years I have learned to avoid it.  I choose my path cautiously.

In the distance I can see light!  For the first time I can see light!  It is beautiful.  I can make out the flame, it is a bright speck entombed by the darkness.  It calls to me…

“I am the flame, the flame to light the torch.  The torch is your only hope, the only way to destroy the beast.”

I keep moving, getting ever closer to the end of my journey.  This is where the flame is, at the end of the catacombs.  In an instant, I see the beast appear.  It blocks my way through the gate.  Will not let me pass.  But I have reached the flame now.  With a swift move of my hand, I let the flame engulf my torch.  Suddenly I feel empowered; I have gained a strength unknown to me.  The beast is fearful, it knows its fate now.  With the torch there is no life for the beast.  With a flash of light and a burst of life; the beast vanishes.  Banished to the never ending catacombs of death and the unforgiving flames of Hell.

Now with the beast gone, I can finally step into the light.  I will finally regain my life.  From here there is only one path; I will follow in the direction it leads.

Originally written – 6 November 2000