Into the Fire

This war is fought on many battle fields
Great and small, they all hold one similarity

People die, yet the war goes on
Souls die, yet the war goes on
Knowledge dies, yet the war goes on
Love dies, and still this hellish war survives

On the fields of battle once again
The enemy overwhelms us and strikes
We take the full fury of their wrath
But when they are gone, we do nothing

We stand by, waiting in our cowardice
Waiting for them to come again
We know they will return
Thought nothing is done to ready ourselves

They come with power in mighty numbers
Ready to attack and kill once more
So capable are we of defending ourselves
That we deny our own strength

We step back, allowing them to burn our fields
Permitting them to steal our riches
So low are we in our own sight
The enemy passes with no knowledge of our being

They invade our lands and we retire
They steal our riches and we do not pursue
They poison our food and we die willingly
They kill our people ruthlessly and we care not

The line must be drawn here, no farther
We must stop the at our own senseless game
We have let them go too far, far too far
Let them get too many pieces on the board

They must be beaten viciously
We must make the pay for what they have done

Originally written 15 May 2001