Lost Souls

My soul grows cold as I wake to the voices of millions taunting me.  They call me, reminding me of the hate in this world.  They confuse me; warning me of the future, yet reminding me of the past.  The black cloud of hate surrounding this lonely world blurs my senses, putting me in a haze of rage and confusion.  It is only in the darkness of the night that I can rest and my soul can find its home.  Yet even then there are still times when the voices take over my dreams; telling me of all the failures in my life.  Upon waking, my soul is once again lost in the screams of the many other lost souls that are held within the cloud of confusion.  The light to me only resembles hate, despair, and sorrow.  Maybe tomorrow will be a day of change for this hateful and confused world; but tonight I sleep, waiting for the lost souls to find peace.

Originally written – 14 August 2000