Perfect Omnitude

If I could meet her one thousand times over
It would be better each time
She would make me see the me in me
And I, the her in her

Again, I would do all for just her one wish
Would go to the end of reality to find her
If we’re ever torn apart

No worries, apart never shall we be
We are too similar, alike in every way
We are equal, everything about us is the same
Her likes are mine, and hers are my dislikes

Sometimes I just start to think
Where would I be without her
I’ve not known her a long time
But I can’t help to feel lost
When I think of what would happen
Without her

I close my eyes and imagine
A world without her
I cannot hide these tears
The sorrow it brings
This is what I think of, because
People have talked; said we would not last
But we have crossed many oceans already
We just have a few more

All the people said we will not make it
And they were right, for we have not
Yet sadly in part, I feel nothing
Because in my heart, I found more love
In another

Originally written 11 March 2001