Real Fear

Why does this still go on?  It was put to an end eons ago.  But it has again become a reality.  The thing I have dreaded for as long as I can remember.  This evil, this unspoken evil; it has tortured me for too long a time; it has tortured us all for too long a time.  No ones knows it, but it is everywhere.  No one is immune to it.  It can raid even the sturdiest of minds.  It sees no color, age, sex, or religion; it is a hardened killer.  It stalks by fear.  Fear is the gateway, the portal in which this horrible creature emerges.  It is a constant factor in life; where ever there is fear, there is evil.  It soaks up the power created by fright, feeds on the never ending supply.  As long as there is fear, this creature will never die.  It will live on.  The fear is strong, it is one of the strongest emotions that man is able to generate.  There is a way though, a way that this creature of evil can be silenced.  When mankind learns that hate, slander, prejudice, murder, and other such things are just weapons of destruction planted in our lives by the king of fear in order to keep fear in the hearts of billions.  When people realize that beautiful is not an outward appearance, but an emotion.  When mankind realizes that there is no need for all the torture; this evil will be licked away for eternity.  Fear will vanish.

Will this ever happen though?  Are there too many people that believe fear is the root of life?  It is because of these people that we allow the rest of humanity to be tortured and imprisoned by this create.  We must stand for ourselves and fight.  We will have our day of victory.  That day is just over the horizon.  So until then, we must stand in unity to hold back the Beast.

Originally written – 21 October 2000