You think I say these things to get attention
Think I say them so people will care
Why would I bother to do this, when,
I already know no one gives a damn

You always tell me I’m the best
But really you think I’m no good
You always tell me I can do better
But really you think I should quit

You always expect me to follow the rules
Maybe it’s all in my head
But I don’t think your rules make any sense
Understand that some things will never change

Nothing I do is ever good enough for you
And nothing I say ever makes any sense
God forbid I do something my way
If I did that, of course I’d be wrong

You try to pretend like you care about me
You’ve convinced everyone but me
You won’t stop until you get everything I have
You’re going to take it all away and leave me with nothing

I’m losing my emotions and I’m losing my mind
Because of you I’m empty inside
Your thirst for strife can never be satisfied
I know you won’t stop until you get what you want

So go ahead and take my pride, it’s the only thing that I have left

Originally written – 3 March 2002