I hear someone crying in the background
I can’t seem to make him stop
I know how he is feeling
I understand his thoughts
He confides himself within me
He tells me what his life has brought
Loneliness and anger
Expressions of guilt
He tells me how his life is going
Tells me his hunger to die is growing
Says that the world is a giant mosh-pit
Says people only push and knock him down
He tells me of the stress he has
Because all people do is annoy him
Everyone around him thinks they know what his problem is
They think they know how to help him
He doesn’t understand how they could know though
When he doesn’t even know what it is
Although what he tells me seems fake
I believe him, because when I look around
Look to see who I’ve been talking to
I realize he’s not sitting by me
But who I hear is the voice within me

Originally written – 17 February 2002