Hate measured on a broken scale
No way of knowing, danger growing
Thoughts of life all but gone
Time is ticking like a hidden bomb

Bashed, scattered, broken, and used
Full of regret, my requests refused
Soon will come a time of loss
Life will end as the string is cut

Confusion appears to distract and misguide
My way of living, destructive inside
I walk the walk of a man led astray
And for my misgivings my soul will pay

I got so far, noticing – unreal
I went too far, wondering – why’d I kill
Thought too long, fearing – needing skill
I ran too much, knowing – I can’t feel

Tell me this, then tell me that
Help me here, hurt me there
Guide my life, lose my soul
Hold my hand, slit my wrist

Just tell me one thing, despite your will
I need to know just how you knew
Where to help, where to guide
You took my soul, held it to the sky

Then with a look appearing in your eye
You moved your hands, and let me fall
Grabbed the knife you did not stall
With twisted hate, you watched me die

Now bashed and broken
I ask just one question
My mind scattered and used
Deceit, false-love, malice and hate – why?

Originally written 14 June 2001